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Our business is offering buyers the best pre-owned equipment available on the used market and providing sellers with a global marketplace of qualified customers for their machinery. The focus at Aiken International LLC is providing the best possible service from initial sale to finished delivery.
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Week of September 27, 2020


        2007 year

·       4.6m w.w

·       Raw Material handling section made by PIOVAN (Italy)

·       Spinning Section made by MECCANICHE MODERNE (Italy) – also integrated the line

·       Needle Looms (Hyperpunch) made by DILO (Germany)

·       Downstream Section made by SICAM (Italy)

·       Raw Material: PET

·       Possible to insert glass mesh between the two beams for glass/polyester

·       Production:

o    up to 1000 kg/h

making waterproofing membrane reinforcements (with latex), geotextile

also suitable for some types of carpet backing

o    120-250 gsm – waterproof fabric

o    100-300 gsm – geotextile

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